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SHIMANO Dura Ace Di2 R9270 Groupset 2x12 | Crank length 172.5mm 50-34T - SPECIAL OFFER

You don't want the best, you want the very best? With the Dura Ace, Shimano offers the perfect group for everyone who doesn't want to make any compromises. They now set standards in terms of functionality and quality, and you can see the many years of experience of the Japanese in every detail. You can get the complete group here at R2-BIKE.COM at an absolutely special price. Technically, it is of course up to date. The shifting commands are transmitted wirelessly to the derailleur and rear derailleur. The latter are connected to a central battery, which is well hidden and protected in the seat post. 12 gears on the sprocket block are now standard and allow for a larger gear ratio. This makes long climbs very pleasant, even for less trained drivers. Shift|brake lever

SHIMANO Dura Ace Di2 ST-R9270 + disc brake BR-R9270 Flat Mount
Thanks to the dual-control shift/brake lever, you have your bike under control at all times. The raised croissants offer various gripping options, so that hands and arms can regularly change their position and signs of fatigue are avoided. It is switched at the push of a button. This is quick and energy-saving. The pressure point is so precise that unwanted switching operations are practically impossible. With the help of the Shimano E-Tube app, this wireless system can also be fully personalized. Among other things, the shifting speed can be set, a fully or semi-synchronous shifting mode can be selected and the program buttons on the lever can be assigned specific functions. The energy consumption is also very low. According to Shimano, the two CR1632 button cells should power the electronics for over 3 years. In addition, they can be exchanged quickly. The lack of wiring not only simplifies assembly for you, you also get a neat and tidy cockpit. When braking, you have optimal control over your bike at all times with the SERVO WAVE technology. This offers controllability and sufficient power that is second to none. But not only the inner values ​​convince. The ergonomics have also been significantly improved. The recessed grip is better formed and the rounded brake handles lie securely under your fingers even on long descents. In addition, the grip width is individually adjustable. The lighter BR-R9270 caliper offers greater pad clearance and reduces noise levels. In addition, the peak of high braking performance has been reached with the brand new monoblock construction. Finally, a new venting technology makes maintenance easier than ever.

Brake disc SHIMANO Dura Ace Center Lock RT-CL900 | 160mm IceTech FREEZA
When developing the Dura Ace CL900 brake discs, Shimano engineers managed to prevent the discs from deforming due to heat. As a result, the CL900 discs offer more reliable, better controllable braking performance and are quieter than ever. Fortunately, the weight has remained at the low level of the previous version. Also on board is Shimano's Ice-Tech cooling technology, which ensures excellent heat dissipation and constant braking performance even on long, steep descents. The brake discs are characterized by a three-layer sandwich construction. Their stainless steel flanks with an aluminum core offer significantly improved heat dissipation. This allows the temperature to be reduced by around 100 °C. In addition, the FREEZA aluminum cooling fins reduce the system temperature by around a further 50 °C thanks to their increased surface area. Heat dissipation is supported by a special surface coating. Due to the higher heat dissipation, smaller brake discs than usual can be installed. In addition, the service life of the brake pad is significantly extended. Crank

SHIMANO Dura Ace FC-R9200 | 2x12-speed 50-34 teeth
The Dura-Ace FC-R9200 crank not only converts your pedal power into propulsion, with its high rigidity it also ensures extremely fast and precise shifting. The high shifting precision is supported by the optimized chainring design. In order to keep the weight low, the Japanese continue to rely on the proven Hollowtech II design of the crank arms. A large selection of crank arm lengths and chainring options ensures the availability of the right crank for every type of rider and every terrain.

Front derailleur SHIMANO Dura Ace Di2 FD-R9250 | 2x12 speed
The advantage of electronic shifting systems is particularly noticeable in the front derailleur. A push of a button and the chain moves from one chain ring to the other as if by magic, without any effort. It also thinks along and automatically trims its position with the chain skew to avoid grinding noises. With the development of the Dura-Ace 9250 front derailleur, Shimano has not just taken a small step, but a big leap in development. Weighing less than 100 grams, the FD-R9250 has not only become much lighter, it also impresses with its much more compact design, which reduces air resistance with its small frontal attack surface. A lot has also happened with the inner values. With the usual high switching precision, the switching speed could be increased by 45%.

Rear Derailleur SHIMANO Dura Ace Di2 RD-R9250 Shadow+| 2x12 speed
The compact Dura-Ace 9250 rear derailleur delivers lightning-fast yet precise shifting. Even under medium and high loads, thanks to the low profile design and Shimano Shadow+ technology, gear changes are quick and quiet. Noisy cracking or rattling with these high-tech components! Despite its slim dimensions, the rear derailleur houses the battery charging connection port and the wireless mode button. With just one cage length, the rear derailleur shifts on cassettes from 11-28 teeth to 11-34 teeth, thus increasing the versatility of the top component group from the Japanese. The rear derailleur cage made of carbon composite ensures maximum weight reduction.

Cassette SHIMANO Dura Ace CS-R9200 | 12-speed 11-34 teeth
The Shimano Hyperglide+ cassettes set new standards in off-road use with their smooth upshifting and downshifting across the entire gear range. For the Dura-Ace 9200 group, the Japanese have also adopted this technology for use on racing bikes. Even with the greatest effort on climbs or when sprinting to the finish line, you can now switch gears without hesitation. Longer teeth make this possible. Despite the new construction and the additional 12th sprocket, the CS-R9200 cassettes are compatible with the previous 11-speed Road freewheel bodies. Thanks to the use of 6 titanium sprockets (11-30T) or 7 titanium sprockets (11-34T) in the slower gears, Shimano managed to keep the weight of the cassettes at the extremely low level of the previous 11-speed versions.

Chain SHIMANO Dura Ace / Deore XT CN-M9100 12-speed | 116 links with chain lock
The CN-M9100 chain is specially designed for the 9100/9200 chainrings and cassettes. The chain harmonises perfectly with the Dynamic Chain Engagement+ (DCE+) Narrow-Wide tooth profiles of the new XTR chainrings thanks to the millings on the inside of the link plates. The design results in a tighter fit of the chain on the teeth. Vibrations are avoided and the quieter chain run is not only noticeable when pedaling, but is also expressed acoustically through a 4db quieter drive. Thanks to a new chromed surface in combination with the proven SIL-TEC coating, the service life of the chain could be kept at the level of the M9000 chain, despite the smaller outer width.

Battery BT-DN300 internal
Integrated battery of the latest generation, which is sunk into the seat post or the steerer tube. The internally routed cables give the racing bike a tidy look. The integration of the battery into the frame also reduces the number of attachments that are exposed to the wind. To charge the battery, it can remain in the bike.

E-Tube cable SHIMANO for Di2 | EW-SD300-I internal
These cables connect all electrical components of the Shimano E-Tube system. They are used in the current Dura Ace Di2 9200 and Ultegra 8100 groupsets, among others. The more compact design allows the use of smaller, lighter electronic components and makes it much easier to route cables internally.

SHIMANO charging cable EW-EC300
With this charging cable you can charge the battery of your Shimano 12-speed gears via the charging port on the rear derailleur.

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum, plastic
Gears: 2x12
Brake type: hydraulic disc brake
Brake Mount: Flat Mount, depending on the frame, an optional adapter may be required at the rear
Crankshaft: 24 mm
Crank Length: 172,5 mm
Chainring gradation: 50-34 teeth
Chainring mount: 110 mm 4-arm | Shimano asymmetrical
Cassette gradation: 11-34 teeth
Compatibility freewheel body: Shimano 11-/12-speed Road
Fastening front derailleur: soldering (clamp optionally available)
Battery life: about 2000 km
Color: black, silver

Weight according to manufacturer: n/a
Weight weighed: 2428g (ready to drive)

Scope of delivery:

1x SHIMANO switching | Brake lever Dura Ace Di2 ST-R9270 + disc brake BR-R9270 Flat Mount front
1x SHIMANO switching | Brake lever Dura Ace Di2 ST-R9270 + rear disc brake BR-R9270 flat mount, WITHOUT 160 mm adapter
2x SHIMANO brake disc Dura Ace Center Lock RT-CL900 | 160 mm IceTech FREEZA
1x SHIMANO crank Dura Ace FC-R9200 50-34 teeth | 2x12 speed
1x SHIMANO front derailleur Dura Ace Di2 FD-R9250 soldering | 2x12 speed
1x SHIMANO rear derailleur Dura Ace Di2 RD-R9250 Shadow+ | 2x12 speed
1x SHIMANO cassette Dura Ace CS-R9200 | 12-speed 11-34 teeth
1x SHIMANO chain Dura Ace / Deore XT CN-M9100 12-speed | 116 links with chain lock
1x SHIMANO battery BT-DN300 internal 1x SHIMANO E-Tube cable for Di2 EW-SD300-I | 600mm
1x SHIMANO E-Tube cable for Di2 EW-SD300-I | 1200mm
1x SHIMANO charging cable EW-EC300