Quadlock Motorcycle - Vibration Dampener

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Quadlock Motorcycle - Vibration Dampener

The level of vibration from some motorcycles can affect the image stabilisation on new smartphones. The Quad Lock® Vibration Dampener ensures you can confidently mount your smartphone to any motorcycle.


Compatible with all Quad Lock® Motorcycle Mounts and Quad Lock® Motorcycle Accessories, the Quad Lock® Vibration Dampener reduces over 90% of high frequency vibrations produced by motorcycles.


Featuring a dual chassis suspension system with precision engineered silicone grommets, the Vibration Dampener absorbs vibrations to protect your smartphone’s camera.


The Quad Lock® Vibration Dampener comes with everything you need to integrate with your existing Quad Lock® Motorcycle Mount and can be installed in minutes.

Photo of the Vibration Dampener positioned between the Quad Lock Mount head and base



Working with vibration specialists in Automotive and Defence, the Vibration Dampener was put through extreme performance testing. It was also extensively tested in real world scenarios thanks to the dedicated Quad Lock community.

The motorcycles listed have been known to cause vibration damage to the optical image stabilisation of smartphones when mounted, however, even if your bike is not listed, Quad Lock recommends the use of our Vibration Dampener for additional confidence.


Photo of phones being tested on a vibration rack


  • 1 x Vibration Dampener
  • 1 x Allen (Hex) Key
  • 1 x M5x12 Countersunk Screw (contained within Vibration Dampener)


Photo of the Quad Lock Vibration Dampener


The Quad Lock® Vibration Dampener features a dual chassis suspension system with precision engineered silicone grommets to absorb vibrations and protect your smartphone

  • Compatible with all Quad Lock® Motorcycle Mounts, Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head and Motorcycle USB Charger
  • Secure integration with Quad Lock® Motorcycle Mounts for same secure lock in portrait or landscape mode
  • Glass filled nylon (upper and lower chassis)
  • Precision engineered silicone dampening grommets
  • Height 23mm and Width 60.3mm

The Vibration Dampener protects your smartphone's camera from high frequency vibrations. The silicone grommets used absorb the vibrations and are specifically tuned to dampen at higher frequency vibrations (vibration danger zone), which is why you may notice more movement in the lower frequencies.


Graph showing vibration with and without a vibration dampener with G Forces set against Frequency (Hz)

Photo of the Vibration Dampener with dimensions overlaid