Moft Flash Wallet & Stand (MS025)

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Moft Flash Wallet & Stand (MS025)

Usage Tips
1. Easy swipe an NFC-enabled card:
(1) NFC-enabled card should go in the ID window with the chip side up.
(2) Use only one NFC-enabled card in the wallet to avoid unintended transactions with the wrong card.
2. Simple slide out the cards:
Get your card in and out of the open ID window on the back through a thumb slide.
3. Adjustable angle up to 180 degrees max

Compatibility: Supports iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max and iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max and MagSafe compatible cases


All-in-one Bi-fold MagSafe Wallet & Stand

Travel Made Minimal and Efficient

Come and Go in Style with Card Access in a Flash

This classic designed MagSafe compatible Wallet & Stand, a modern companion for your tech and a quick access way to use your card.

Steps saved. Time saved

Clear window of your identity

No more awkward pocket bulge

More than a slim wallet
Stand up for your viewing ergonomics
on the go

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Product Supporting Image
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Smooth edges

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