ENABOT - EBO SE 寵物互動機械人

  • $1,080.00
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ENABOT - EBO SE 寵物互動機械人

【讓科技拉近與家人、寵物以至屋企的距離 - Enabot - Ebo SE🤖】

✅遙遠控制Ebo SE,自由穿梭每個角落

🔸錄影格式 :1080P@30fps
🔸大小:9.6 x 8.9cm

  • - Remote control + real-time image transmission monitor
  • - Automatic recording whole-house cruise video (1080p/30fps), supported up to 24 times a day
  • - Customizable automatic patrol time slots
  • - Automatic recharging, no worry about EBO’s power
  • - High Performance TOF Obstacle Avoidance
  • - Charging time: 1 hour
  • - Standby time: 2 hours
  • - Dynamic Detection Alarm
  • - 2.4 G / 5 G Wifi connection


EBO SE, Moving Cam For Indoor Security

Wire free | Auto-charging | 1080P | App control | Multi-users | Night vision | 2.4G&5G Wifi

Connect with your home

EBO keeps your family safe and your home secure at all times.

Connect with your children

EBO allows you to check in on your children when you’re away.

Connect with your family

EBO makes sure your elderly relatives are safe and well.

Connect with your pets

EBO allows you to play with your pets and keep them company.

EBO offers the best price-performance ratio among the social companion robots and security cameras available in the market. Its affordability, combined with a compact design, durable materials and advanced AI technology make the EBO the best of its kind.