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As cycling enthusiasts ourselves, we have designed a bike trainer that best suits you and your goals, your environment, and most importantly, your budget. Whether you are looking for a fully interactive indoor cycling experience or just need to maintain your bike fitness during the off-season when the weather outside changes, the T2 bike trainer is your best solution.


We abandoned the design of the belt driven inertial flywheel found in most trainers, to make the T2 a true direct-drive smart trainer.

The BLDC motor in the T2 along with the 50 high-performance neodymium iron boron magnets enables the T2 to bring you a more realistic riding experience. Not only does this increase the braking force and power output it provides quicker dynamic inertia, simulating gradients quicker than before. All of this in a lighter weight unit when compared to the T1 means you get our best experience yet, free of problems common to belt driven trainers including slipping and the transmission noise.

Without the traditional belt transmission, and thanks to the innovative BLDC power measurement algorithm and rigorous production calibration process, T2 can provide incredible precision of power data within 1% accuracy.

As the T2 does not use a traditional belt, you can start using it immediately without having to do regular calibration even after moving it, leaving it unused for a long time or after experiencing temperature changes.

When plugged in, the BLDC motor in the Cycplus T2 eliminates frictional resistance, simulating greater mass inertia, bringing a more realistic downhill experience.


An external power source is not required to use the T2, you can use the trainer anywhere you like as the T2 is able to generate its own energy from your pedal strokes.

Now taking the T2 with you for your warm-up before that vital competition is possible.
All of its smart functions are available if you keep pedaling, maintaining energy to the trainer.


A trainers' performance can be greatly reduced due to overheating after working hard or continuously for a long time, affecting its accuracy and causing belt slippage.

The T2 with its active cooling system ensures the trainer stays cool even in the toughest of sessions.

Moreover, the BLDC-based solution of T2 ensures the accuracy of power stays consistent even if the surrounding temperature fluctuates.

The T2 Smart Trainer uses standardized wireless communication protocols including ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth® Smart, it can be used in conjunction with the most popular training apps across a range of platforms including PC, MAC, Android and IOS as well as many bike computers and smart watches to provide the best indoor training experience.

Whether you are riding a virtual course or performing a structured wattage workout, T2 will connect effortlessly.

T2 trainers are designed to be universally compatible with most bikes, including those with disc brakes, 142x12 mm/148x12 mm thru-axles and 130x5 mm/135x5 mm quick-release axles. For those with disc brakes, there is approximately a 3mm gap between the disc brake and the T2 trainer after installation.

The T2 is compatible with 8, 9, 10, and 11-speed cassettes straight out of the box, giving you the flexibility of adding your preferred cassette to the trainer, so that you can fully mimic your outdoor groupset.

Super lightweight at only 15KG, and with a large easy carry handle the CYCPLUS T2 is easy to move.

T2 features an X-shaped support base, designed for a more stable ride and easier storage.  When opened a larger unfolded area ensures a stable, comfortable ride but when folded the footprint enables easy transport or storage.

The design of the T2 features innovative new silica gel pads and metal plate construction allows for around 8 degrees of movement left to right while cycling.  

Its frame and flexible silicone foot pads follow the natural movement of your body, bringing you freedom of movement that improves the ride feel, allowing you to ride longer and harder.


We even prepare all the accessories, extra Free ANT stick, cycling mat, and other common accessories, which allows you to start indoor cycling once you got the package.

As the Manufacturer, Cycplus offer the best price with free shipping. The estimated delivery time is 01/2022 - 03/2022. All of our products enjoy our best free after-sales with a one year warranty, feel free to contact us at if any questions.

CYCPLUS, consisting of a group of post-90s cycling enthusiasts, has been specialized in the field of cycling electronic accessories for 7 years. Constant innovation has led us to own 5 mature series of products including bike trainers, bike computers, heart rate monitors, speed&cadence sensors, and ANT+ sticks.
To introduce this premium while affordable bike trainer T2 to all our customers, we have successfully conquered all the tough technical challenges and had engineering prototypes tested. But now we do need more support to get it ready for mass production. In order to bring T2 to all cyclists as soon as possible, we have also taken into account possible issues such as material selection, production lead time, shipping, etc. So come join us now!