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What would you choose when you are out riding and facing a flat bike tire?

In recent years, the bike pump market has provided more and more options for this question. However, manual pumps are only suitable for home, CO2 inflator seems to be naturally limited by its consumable feature, many electric air pumps with repetitive shape and similar functions have been popping up in various e-commerce platforms, but the pursuit of versatility makes them look bulky instead.


As the true pioneer of the electric mini pump, our team, CYCPLUS, has been focusing on innovation and trying to break the logjam. Now, we can finally come up with an answer that we think is perfect.

The answer is CUBE.

It's small, light yet powerful. We believe it's the best solution to everyone's current bike pumping problems.










About the size of your wireless headset case, it's small enough that you might forget you've put it in your cycling jersey pocket. With our all-aluminum core and case, the whole unit only weighs 97g, which is the equivalent of a small half cup of water and is completely negligible.

Equally capable of pumping two 700*25c road bike tires from 0 to 80psi at once, it is even lighter than a CO2 inflator with two small cylinders, and significantly more portable as well as reusable.


As users of electric air pumps will know, portability always seems to require sacrificing some of its practicality, and when the air pressure gets higher, the pumping time gets longer. But the Cube does both. We use a high-rate battery with higher power output and a brushless motor with high torque, making it possible to pump a 700*25c road tire from 0 to 80psi in just 80s on a full charge.

One turn of the second hand, it can return a bulging tire to you. And more than that, By controlling the cylinder compression ratio, CUBE's maximum single pumping pressure is about 100 psi, so you don't have to worry about damaging your tires by pumping too muc h air pressure.


It only takes 20 minutes to fully charge CUBE using the QC Type-C charger, with the indicator light flashing while charging and always on when fully charged. A short preparation before you leave home will ensure that you ride with peace of mind all the way.

In order to make its remaining battery capacity more clear to you when you use it, we designed three colors of indicators to display power. When activated by pressing the on/off button, green represents 80%-100% power, yellow represents 50%-80%, and red represents less than 50%.


After several tests in our laboratory, the total pumping time of the CUBE decreased by no more than 10% after inflating more than 200 tires. This excellent durability makes it a truly recyclable and environmentally friendly product.

As an emergency device, it also has far more capacity than you can imagine. The current in standby is less than 1uA, almost no power consumption. With a full charge, it can continuously inflate two 700*25c road bike tires from 0 to 80psi, and from 0 to 100psi at one time with no problem at all.


Portability is certainly not just about size, we have minimized all the accessories you need to carry for inflation. The unique nozzle design eliminates the need to leave space for a conversion head or other accessories. It accommodates both Presta and Schrader nozzles and is very easy to install. Ride with a partner and rest assured that one Cube is enough to solve all your inflation problems on the road.


In addition to road and mountain use, the Cube comes in handy for refilling normal tubed and tubeless bikes that need to be inflated every week or so to keep the beads sealed. You can indeed do all this with a cheap hand pump too, but it doesn't fit in your pocket or suitcase. Not to mention avoiding sore arms, Cube makes the job of pumping up incredibly easy.


At the same time, we also thoughtfully prepared a silicone insulation cover for you. CUBE has to work hard and may get hot. We want to improve the using experience for you. Of course it also saves you time, you can continue to ride after pumping, without having to wait for it to cool down and then put it in your pocket like the rest of the electric pumps.


Its hard, beautiful aluminum case is, I'm afraid, its most obvious advantage. The aluminum metal is known for its sturdiness and light weight, so we chose to use this material for the case. We also use the anodic oxidation process, which gives it excellent high hardness to prevent corrosion from perspiration.

It has a very distinctive visual character, attractive and at the same time quite durable. Because of the special silicone case we paired it with, you can use it as you wish without fear of scratching.


Each Cube is developed and processed for production in our own workshop, which makes us completely independent from outsourced manufacturers. We pay attention to every detail because it's all about the final quality of the product. We go through extensive testing and modifications in order to achieve the perfect end result.


CYCPLUS is a team of friends who love to cycle. We were officially established in Chengdu, China in 2014. We have been dedicated to the design and research of cycling sports related smart devices, which are all developed and produced by ourselves.

Rigorously tested and certified to meet the standards of use in each country, Our products have been sold to more than 50 countries all over the world and are recognized and recommended by cycling enthusiasts in these countries. After eight years of hard work and development, we have a mature business system of R&D, manufacturing, sales to service. Please believe that your purchase can be served by our whole company's devotion.