cocktail Audio HA500H Hybrid All-In-One(Headphone Amp+DAC+Pre-Amp+USB DAC)/ 解碼耳擴

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Selectable Headphone Out Impedance / Highly Adjustable Gain Setting

The HA500H offers the feature to select Headphone Output Impedance(High/Low), so that you could set to proper impedance for optimal sound quality and the best matching with your headphones' sensitivity. You may select one of High and Low.

The HA500H's volume can be precisely and seamlessly controllable via the bundled cute remote control. The headphone amplifier also provides separate adjustments for the impedance and sensitivity of the connected headphones, as well as different levels of the audio sources. This features allow headphones between 16 ohms and 600 ohms to be worked perfectly with the HA500H with wonderful sound quality.

High Connectivity

The HA500H offers very high connectivity. As it provides Analog Inputs(Balanced and Unbalanced), Digital Inputs(Coaxial, Toslink, AES/EBU), I²S Input(HDMI) and USB Audio Input, you can connect various source devices to the HA500H almost without limitation. Especially, the HA500H can be connected to the I²S HDMI Ouput of the X50Pro and X50D perfectly to play Native DSD, MQA and up to 384Khz PCM with great sound quality.
For outputs, it offers Balanced/Unbalanced Line Outputs and Balanced/Unbalanced Headphone Outputs.

Remote Control

A cute remote control is provided to control the HA500H remotely. It will allow you to do volume control, mute, setting, input change, source device selection, etc

Convenient Operation with 5 inch screen/Sophisticated and intuitive operation

5inch TFT LCD screen on the front will help to operate the HA500H easily and to get information how it is working. VU meters provide precise metering with a classic feel that matches with the warm, analog tone from the tubes

Outlooking Design & Build Quality

The HA500H is very rigidly and clearly structured, and it has simple and noble exterior design with top quality beautiful glass-sanding aluminum, which is crafted minutely by CNC machine.
The five(5) inch screen is located on the center of front with smart two ventilations sections for the vacuum tubes located on the top surface. This is another eye-catcher for the HA500H. For the rear and bottom side, 2mm high quality steel is used to give stability and rigidity along with addtional resistance from external vibrations. The HA500H is immensely solid desktop headphone amplifier and DAC with total weight of 6.9Kg(15.2 lbs)

Breathtaking Sound Quality and Hi-RES Audio

Experience dramatic, unbelievably natural and brilliant sound created by a combination of vaccum tubes and solid state electronics technologies.
The HA500H will deliver the warm and mellow sound created by two(2) ECC82 vacuum tubes, and also transparent and dynamic sound by a pair of high quality OP Amp. Feel rich, simply magnificent and delightful sound with an extraordinary amount of details regardless of headphones of any impedance.
The HA500H can support DSD64/128/256, MQA and up to 384KHz PCM Hi-Res Audio to deliver magnificent sound quality that is as close as possible to the master recording level at studio.

Easy Operation with Various Information

You can operate HA500H easily with 5 inch screen and five(5) functions keys on the front

  • Five(5) keys like Tube ON/OFF, Headphone Impedance High/Low, Setup, Line Out or Headphone Out, Balanced or Unbalanced for headphone out

  • Setup to set various options like volume fixed/variable for Line Out. Analog In Volume, Kind of Input Level Display, LCD Brightness, LCD off time, etc

  • To select Input Source

Three(3) kinds of Input Level display

HA500H offers three(3) kinds of Input Level display like below. You can select one you prefer to

Summary of the HA500H functions

Hybrid(Vaccum Tubes & Solid State Electronics) Headphone Amplifier
Hybrid Premium Digital to Analog Converter
Asynchronous USB DAC

Perfect Combination with X50Pro or X50D

Experience a perfect audio system via a combination of HA500H and Premium Pure Digital Music Server, cocktailAudio X50Pro or X50D