CAPDASE SQUARER Magnetic Car Mount Vent Base - T-140 for Tesla Model 3/Y (HR-TL-SQ-140)

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CAPDASE SQUARER Magnetic Car Mount Vent Base - T-140 for Tesla Model 3/Y (HR-TL-SQ-140)

CAPDASE Squarer Magnetic Car mount is an invisible mount and powerful security magnetic mounting solution that provides quick & secure locking and easy release mechanism for any size of Smartphone and even worn its case, GPS device & Tablet. You can adjust the device at your optimal angle for convenient navigating, calling, audio, video and internet browsing in your car and anywhere.

Squarer magnetic mounting holder

  • High powered Gauss magnets engineered to maximum security and convenience that attach the device without vibrating and wiggling even on the bumpiest road
  • Instant & automatic grip-on securely when hovering the device [placed with a metal plate which provided] near the magnetic area, and release just by single-hand
  • A sleek & compact with cutting square design made by alloy aluminum brings stylish looks
  • Silicon connecting surface provides anti-slip and scratch proof when attaching Smart devices

T140 arm

  • Not only to lock securely at Windshield & Dashboard*, but also attached to the back of the Touchscreen of Tesla Model 3/Y 
  • The Flip Arm allows flexibility with Multi-angle of the front and the downward angle
  • Simply twist the crown to tighten the suction cup 
  • Strengthen Vacuum suction cup equipped with an enhanced sticky gel substance 
  • Able to lock securely at Windshield or Dashboard* to maximize stability
  • The suction part can be changed when it gets old


  • Place the suction cup anywhere on the back of the screen panel and hover over the screen

Made for Tesla Model 3 / Model Y
Left and right wheel car

Metal Plate Included

  • 2 optional thin metal plates to connect any Smart devices to Squarer magnetic mount
  • Round plate with 3M ® adhesive tape attached to the back of your device
  • Rectangular plate with a flannel layer for the place between your Smart device and the case at a desired mounting location and let the metal side facing outside

The magnets should not cause interruption to smart device’s connection while in use. It may cause minor interference in select compass apps and depend on the location of the mounting spot, and it will be back to normal once removed from the mount
10" or up Tablet is recommended for Indoor use