BRYTON Gardia R300 Rear View Bike Radar Tail Light/ 後視自行車雷達尾燈

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BRYTON Gardia R300 Rear View Bike Radar Tail Light/ 後視自行車雷達尾燈

Ride in total safety with the Bryton GARDIA R300L rearview radar.

This rearview radar with taillight offers double protection to support you on your outings. When vehicles approach behind you, in addition to notifications on the cycle computer and GARDIA app, the Bryton GARDIA R300 will automatically change the lighting mode to warn oncoming vehicles as well. Ride safely with Bryton Gardia R300L.

The GARDIA R300L radar sensor detects vehicles approaching from behind up to 150 meters away. Connected to compatible cycle computers, GARDIA R300L provides both visual and audible alarms to warn you of oncoming vehicles. The Bryton GARDIA R300L rearview radar helps you prevent nasty surprises while riding. When vehicles approach behind you, GARDIA R300L will automatically assign a threat level based on speed, to activate a warning light suitable for alerting oncoming vehicles. When connected to a compatible Bryton cycle computer, GARDIA R300L will use the device's built-in light sensor to adjust the lighting mode based on the current light conditions.

If enough light is detected, the taillight will switch to day flash mode to conserve battery or, during night time activity, it will automatically switch to night flash mode. Using an integrated g-sensor, the Bryton GARDIA Radar Rearview Light detects braking and warns vehicles behind you with a brighter light, reducing the chances of a collision when slowing down or in the event of an emergency stop. Using the connection via ANT+ and a function-enabled cycle computer, you can connect GARDIA R300L and a compatible front light directly to the cycle computer to form a network that allows you to manage all lights from the display - including switching on/off and adjusting cycling modes.

  • The Bryton GARDIA R300L Rearview Radar with Taillight is designed to report the location of cyclists and help oncoming vehicles locate them. During the day, the dedicated flash mode increases visibility up to 1.6km.
  • Bryton GARDIA R300L provides multiple lighting modes to support you during your ride to make you visible in any conditions, including fixed high intensity, fixed low intensity, day flash, night flash and group mode. With a compatible cycle computer, you can also adjust the lighting modes directly from your screen.
  • Tired of calculating remaining battery hours based on a percentage? With a compatible Bryton cycle computer or the GARDIA app, the remaining battery life will be displayed directly on the screen after pairing with the radar. By directly viewing the hours of autonomy left, you can more easily manage your trip and settings before leaving.
  • With an impressive 17 hours of battery life in day flash mode and up to 12 hours in steady mode on a single charge, the powerful GARDIA R300L rearview radar and taillight can support you no matter how far your adventure takes you. To further extend battery life, when the level is low, the light intensity is automatically lowered. Charging via USB-C also makes charging faster and more convenient than ever!
  • Bryton GARDIA R300L's innovative all-in-one mounting system makes attaching your device much easier. Just fix the GARDIA R300L rearview radar in the position of your choice and you are ready to go! The included stem can fit 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm and aero round section seatposts.
  • Download the Bryton GARDIA app to unlock the full potential of your GARDIA R300L rearview radar and taillight. This official app allows you to not only view the status of approaching vehicles, but will sound notifications and vibrate when vehicles are arriving. You can also control the GARDIA R300L light directly from the app to easily configure your preferences and receive the latest firmware updates.

Tech Spec

  • Width: 40.0 mm.
  • Height: 97.0 mm.
  • Depth: 20.9 mm.
  • Weight: 66 g.
  • Water resistant: IPX7.
  • View angle: 220°.
  • LED indicator: ANT+ link & Bluetooth / Power.
  • Fixed at high intensity: 8 hours/20 lms.
  • Fixed at low intensity: 12 hours/5 lms.
  • Flash day: 17 hours/73 lms.
  • Night flash: 17 hours/12 lms.
  • Group: 11 hours/12 lms.
  • Radar only (light off): 24 hours.