Anker Life SoundCore Q35 ANC 主動降噪頭戴式藍牙耳機

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Anker Life SoundCore Q35 ANC 主動降噪頭戴式藍牙耳機

                        Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling

    Lossless Sound Transfer

Life Q35 noise cancelling headphones support LDAC technology which transfers 3× more data than other Bluetooth codecs. Using LDAC ensures that even the tiniest details in a song can be preserved.


    High-Res Audio

Life Q35’s 40mm silk-diaphragm drivers produce precise sound with a wide frequency range. This high-res audio means you’ll always enjoy the best sound—no matter if you’re listening in wireless or wired mode.


    Targeted Noise Cancelling

Transport, Outdoor, and Indoor modes are tailored to block out the most annoying sounds in these environments for a more precise noise cancelling experience.


    Tap to Talk

Instantly switch to Transparency mode when you need to talk to someone or have more awareness of your surroundings.


    NFC Pairing

Tap your Android phone on the left earcup to connect instantly via the NFC connection.


    Pair with 2 Devices

Effortlessly switch between music, online meetings, videos, and calls on 2 different devices.


    40-Hour Playtime

Listen all day long without worrying about running out of battery. And a quick 5-minute charge gives you 4 hours of listening.


    Personalized Experience

Use the Soundcore app to customize your own EQ settings or choose from 22 presets. Tailor a white noise soundscape to relax and switch between noise cancelling modes.


    Ready For Travel

Keep Life Q35 noise cancelling headphones protected in the compact travel case. An airplane adapter is included to ensure you can stay entertained during your journey.

- 40 mm x2 蠶絲振膜驅動單體使用頻率更廣,並響出清澈細膩的聲音

- 獲Hi-Res及Hi-Res Audio Wireless認證

- 支援LDAC™技術,比一般藍牙音頻傳輸高約3倍,帶來更佳的無損音

- 多模式ANC主動降噪技術:可選擇"交通"、"戶外"、"室內"降噪模式及


- 使用兩個降噪麥克風配合AI通話降噪技術,通話更清晰

- 支援NFC / AUX / 藍牙5.0 (15米傳輸距離) 連接

- 支援同時連接兩部裝置 (Multi-point connection)

- 支援智能離耳偵測

- 可摺疊頭框及皮革蛋白記憶海綿材質耳罩舒適配戴

- 可透過SoundCore 應用程式自訂EQ或選擇預設EQ

- 使用時間: 最長60小時 (關閉ANC); 最長40小時(開啟ANC)

- 充電5分鐘,使用4小時

- USB-C充電

- 頻率響應: 20 Hz-20 kHz (Bluetooth) / 16 Hz-40 kHz (AUX)

- 重量: 270g

- 內附:3.5mm Aux音源線, USB-C 充電線, 飛機專用轉接頭, 易攜收納盒